Could the best of hospitals know something that you do not?

As a healthcare executive, a big concern is when things fall through the cracks

  • Finance tracks known and standard costs.
  • HR implements new and improved people processes.
  • But when hidden costs are involved, nobody is assigned responsibility.

This puts you and your enterprise at risk

  • Is your employee turnover as low as the top performers in your industry? What does that cost?
  • What is the risk of stressed employees making bad decisions?
  • What is the cost to your organization when employees use poor judgment to make decisions, cut corners, or overlook critical details?
  • Patient satisfaction is critical for achieving and sustaining national honors and accreditations. What is the cost of not maintaining or even achieving national honors for patient satisfaction?
  • As a self-insured business, what would the savings be if you could accurately predict, very early, which employees on long-term disability are not likely to ever return to work?
  • What advantages are you missing by not having an easily implementable employee wellness program?


Each of these examples represent significant potential drains on working capital and reputation building for your organization. Some top hospitals have answers to these challenges.

  • You can join them, simply and easily.
  • Just forward this to your head of Operations and ask them to look into it.
  • They and we can take it from there and give you great options.

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