We help finance professionals dramatically reduce hidden costs.

  • We understand that there are many costs impacting performance that you do not control directly.
  • Direct functional costs are easily assigned. Some may “belong” to HR, IT, Operations, or others.
  • They can be further designated within departments: ER, radiology, transportation, etc.
  • These cost are not hidden.
  • Hidden costs are things you pay for that aren’t recognizable on financial reports. These are cost inefficiencies.
  • Because they are not a line item, they drain working capital and go undetected.

Examples of hidden costs: If your organization has not quantified these costs or have a protocol for reducing them, they are likely hidden from financial controls:

  • Increasing lawsuits involving Medicaid and Medicare funding would be impacted measuring and training employee judgment at all levels of the organization.
  • Healthcare talent shortages have a negative impact on your nurse turnover rate. Did you know our assessment can help you clone best-performers at all levels of the organization?
  • The Judgment Health assessment can support metric based KPI’s in any department to track performance outcomes.
  • Do you have a direct and objective feedback process for improving staff performance, or do you depend upon academic certifications to theoretically raise the quality of clinical outcomes? Passive feedback creates a hidden cost.
  • Have you quantified the benefits of an effective mentoring system? Not having one is a hidden cost.
  • Do you know the cost of not assigning a worker to their most productive environment (e.g. ER, OR, MedSurg, Outpatient, ICU)?
  • Do you know the cost of hiring someone who will never reach the top quartile of your existing performers?
  • Our Wellness reports can offer your organization insight into the rising insurance and benefits costs.
  • Our Safety reports can offer your organization insight into accreditation non-compliance concerns.


The Curriculum on Medical Ignorance* applies to finance as well as patient care.

  • You can not manage what you did not even know was measurable.
  • Finance must provide the incentive to examine hidden costs related to people.
    • HR may execute, but finance must challenge
    • We can help!

*7 kinds of unknowns from Univ. of Arizona Medical College, Curriculum on Medical Ignorance, “The Ignorance Map

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