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  • Your world is constantly changing with new demands begging for your attention.
  • While you employ many tools to assess talent, identify skills, and develop your people there is one critical capability that you likely never realized existed.
  • Increased quality patient care with reduced hospital risk can not be achieved with skills inventories, competency matrices, or today’s employee engagement surveys.
  • You need to measure something you did not even know was possible.

Our Judgment Health assessment can measure the capacity for sound human judgment and create evidence-based benchmarks!

  • This is something you can do with amazing accuracy and ease for pennies per day.
  • It is achieved by measuring employees’ values structure and understanding what that deeply reveals when correlated against a massive database of people in similar roles.

Suppose if one simple evidence-based tool could help you:

  • Identify whether a new employee is compatible with your corporate culture.
  • Recognize your organization emergent leaders for succession-planning purposes.
  • Confirm if someone fits the profile of your top quartile performers.
  • Provide tangible, on-target development feedback that employees say is “freaky-accurate.”
  • Dramatically reduce turnover and effortlessly increase long-term retention.
  • Pinpoint and develop strategies to strengthen department teams.
  • Know with great accuracy which people are best suited for department stress levels (ER, ICU, MedSurge, Outpatient).
  • Provide personalized feedback to measurably boost employee engagement along 12 dimensions.
  • Know which employees are experiencing unmanaged stress, well before they burn-out.
  • Institute a personalized wellness program with minimal administrative oversight.


We can help with all these challenges and more, using one simple, validated, and adverse-impact compliant HR tool that can interface directly into your existing HR platforms.

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