What you do…

  • You qualify candidates for employment.
  • Test their skills.
  • Confirm their experience.
  • Begin orienting and training them in your protocols.



  • Then your doctors, nurses, technicians, or administrators are asked to make hundreds of decisions, every day.
  • The accuracy of those decisions will fundamentally depend upon something you did not assess, or verify.
  • The quality of their decisions will depend upon their judgment.


What we do…

  • We measure, in an accurate, calibrated, and validated way, a person’s capacity for sound judgment.
  • This enables us to determine things you did not know were possible.

For example, we can:

Make hiring easier and accurate

We can calibrate candidates against your superior performers and can distinguish their fit for ER vs. ICU vs. MedSurge

Role model your top performers

Giving you standards for hiring and development, which dramatically reduces hiring costs and ensures superior care over the long-term

Improve employee engagement

Dramatically increase employee retention, and giving employees ownership of their engagement

Better developed employees

Providing fool-proof, meaningful, and accurate feedback

Improve succession planning

By knowing when people are ready or not for promotion, avoiding expensive mistakes

Enable Superior Mentoring

By matching experienced employees with particular excellent attributes with mentees who are needy in exactly those attributes, enriching careers and reputation as a preferred workplace

Identify executive potential early

By quantifying a person’s capacity for systemic competency we know which employees can integrate the big picture, helping you avoid costly mistakes

Employee wellness

Companies are learning the long term cost benefits of wellness programs and we make it easy and very low-cost

Reducing risk and safety incidents

73% of accidents involve poor judgment, usually by a small population of employees. We can identify those most likely to lack focus, have difficulty with complex instructions, or generally overlook details in their environment

Reduce workers compensation costs

Self-insured companies recognize that if they could determine early which employees are likely to never return to work, they could save a fortune. Our Return to Work reporting could save you millions over time


Lower Cost


Better talent
Improved care

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